Making Sense Lab

This is an experimental space where students from University of Creative Communication, Prague, have a chance to work collaboratively, across disciplines, working towards a shared goal. The aim is to provide an opportunity to push boundaries of creativity through allowing open experimentation and cross-fertilisation. We invite guests: from musicians to practitioners in areas of arts, design and science, in order to inspire, provoke and stir up creative energies.

Our values are focused on:

  • Experimentation
  • Creative process
  • Imagination
  • Team work and collaboration
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Flexibility a transferability of skills
  • Technology versus embodiment
  • Paying attention to all the senses

The programme is curated by Dr. Tereza Stehlikova, head of Visual Arts Department at VŠKK

MAKING SENSE LAB: Hudební seance s Josefem Sedloněm

Středa 18. 5. 18.30, kavárna DomečeKK

Necháme se unést hudebním proudem ve volné meditaci a zároveň společně oslavíme poslední MSLab tohoto akademického roku.


Josef Sedloň: Hudební vizionář, rádiový moderátor a hudební redaktor, DJ a v neposlední řadě promotér.




Echo Drawing I: Resistance

Tutors: Birgitta Hosea/ Vik Winter, UK
Monday 11. 4. 18:30–20:30
Drawing from sound is an act of translation from one sense to another. How can this process be explored more broadly to make another kind of sense? Is there a limit to how sound can be transmitted visually? Can resistance, disruption and surrender be used productively to vary the performance of visual language? In this workshop, participants will work together to explore a range of methods of drawing sound and sounding drawing. Techniques will be introduced to begin a conversation on expanding, exploring and disordering linear relationships between the senses.
Birgitta Hosea and Vik Winter are UK-based artists collaborating on process-led drawing projects. Hosea works with time-based media, performs drawing and expands animation. She is Professor of Moving Image at UCA and has exhibited at National Gallery X; Venice & Karachi Biennales; Oaxaca & Chengdu Museums of Contemporary Art; Hanmi Gallery, Seoul. Winter is a club DJ / Producer and multi-disciplinary artist with a focus in painting, installation, soundscapes and live events and festivals including throughout the UK, Melbourne, New York and Paris.

Smell Lab

14. 3. 2022 (room 303)
Our guests: HAENKE

Empowering people with plant knowledge. Our aim is to raise awareness about the roles of plants in our lives, with particular focus on medicine and human health. We do so by designing educational content, public space installations, practical workshops or community outreach, working with people from various social and cultural backgrounds all over the world. By using arts, culture, and digital media as a vehicle for social change, we create impactful projects that result in better understanding of the natural world.

Workshop focus: In this workshop, we will explore selected medicinal plant species, its individual parts (roots, leaves, fruits or flowers), with particular focus on their olfactory properties – a defining aspect of essential oils also known as one of the secondary plant metabolites. What could be their potential for creative practice? From basic visual plant identification to associating smells to memories, the aim of this experience is to discover plants from underexplored angles.


SENSESCAPES: Touch & Vision

Image: Tactile workshop, London, 2017

Making Sense Lab: 14. 2. 2022, 18.30 – 20.30

,,Jestliže se rozhoduješ, čemu dát přednost, zda pohledu oka nebo zážitku těla, dej vždy přednost tělu, protože hmat je starší smysl než zrak a jeho zkušenost je fundamentálnější. Navíc oko je v současné audiovizuální civilizaci značně unavené a „zkažené“. Zkušenost těla je autentičtější, nezatížená dosud estetizací.” (Jan Švankmajer, Desatero) 

The next MSL will explore the relationship between vision and touch, through a series of creative exercises involving sense of touch, as well as is translation into drawing and gestural sculpture. The next lab session promises to help you to unleash your creativity by becoming free from the habitual way of perceiving the everyday and tapping into the hidden resources of the subconscious. It will be the perfect anti-dote to our “screen life” and the pandemic (which further stigmatises touch). In the absence of sight, touch transforms the everyday into an adventure for the imagination.



Havel’s playing in Antony Gormley’s Studio, London

We are launching our experimental space, run at the University of Creative Communication in Prague. The first session will take place on Monday 6th December, 2021, at 18.30 in room 303.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Musicians Irena and Vojta Havel

Irena and Vojtech Havel are world-renowned composers and multi-instrumentalists, known mainly as players on the ancient stringed instrument Viola De Gamba. They compose music for films, theatre and dance performances. Havels were featured in more than 30 countries and collaborated on many international multimedia projects.

Synaesthesia, the neurological condition that causes a blending of the senses – colours can be connected to letters and numbers, smells and tastes to music or touch to vision – has long been linked to creativity: famous synaesthetes include Sibelius and more recently Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga. (The Guardian, 2014)

In this session we will explore aspects of synaesthesia. The evening will involve watching early abstract film work, as well as listening and responding to live music (its rhythm and texture), visually, through drawing.


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