Student internship course

Request for Recognition of Specialization Practice in a Company of Own Choice

If you do not receive a decision of the Head of Practice within 14 days of delivery (in person to the Department of Studies, or electronically to the Head of Practice), the request is automatically considered approved.

Student Practice Evaluation Form (CMC)
Student Practice Evaluation Form (VA)
Student Practice Evaluation Form (LA)
Evaluation of Specialization Practice by Student (SP)
Summary Report of Practical Training

Contact persons + administration of internship provider portfolio:

JUDr. Petr Majerik, internship supervisor ( – portfolio for CMC
Mgr. Veronika Nováková ( – portfolio for VA + LA

Persons responsible for internship evaluation:

JUDr. Petr Majerik ( – CMC
Mgr. Lukáš Novák ( – VA
MgA. Daniel Kubec ( – LA


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