Creative Marketing

Creative industries are always on the lookout for charismatic individuals with a talent for breaking stereotypes, but if you’re not able to work in a team or don’t know how to effectively communicate your ideas, you don’t stand a chance!

This unique programme is focused on developing conceptual thinking, copywriting, self-presentation and other skills needed to master the craft of effective advertising. You will be given a lot of space to present and perfect your creative ideas and also extensive training in how to coordinate these ideas with the client’s demands. As a student of this programme you will have many opportunities to work with a range of media thanks to the collaborations with advertising agencies under the patronage of the Czech Association of Communications Agencies. As a graduate of this programme, you will be welcomed as an indispensable team member in creative departments in advertising and communications agencies and other media outlets.

∗BcA. = a three-year study programme in the Czech language, graduates will be awarded the Czech title BcA. which is equivalent to Bachelor of Fine Arts.