Our premises

At the Prague School of Creative Communication, there are rooms of all kinds. Through studios, computer classrooms, library to places designed for students. In addition, our school also offers space for lectures, conferences, workshops and seminars. The above-mentioned rooms are equipped with modern technology. The studios include equipment adapted amongst others for photography. The library abounds with all kinds of literary styles and genres. Classrooms ensure enough space for everyone. The student areas are equipped with couches, table football and everything students would look for to unwind between lectures. Part of the school is also café Domeček, where students can strengthen themselves with a hearty lunch or a light snack. Good coffee is guaranteed.

Prague School of Creative Communication also offers premises for rent. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Chief Operating Officer, Petra Zadražilová, ph. (+420) 777 925 400, zadrazilovap@vskk.cz




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