University of Creative Communication (UCC) is a private college that will prepare you perfectly for a career in all areas of the creative industry. Our study programmes/specializations Creative Marketing and Communication (Digital Marketing and Communication, Creative Marketing, Management in Creative Industry), Literary Arts (Literary Arts, Commercial Writing in Media) and Visual Arts (Photography and Audiovisual Arts, Animation and Visual Effects, Graphic and Media design) are linked to the practical operation of advertising agencies, graphic studios, publishing companies and media institutions. During your studies, you will be working on real orders.

And what distinguishes UCC from other Czech colleges and universities? We are a world-class institution! We are inspired by the model of Scandinavian and British schools, so you will acquire not only knowledge and craftsmanship throughout your studies, but also experience and contacts, which are a guarantee of success in finding a job in your chosen discipline. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, you will become sought-after lyricists, journalists, PR workers, moderators, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, animators, artists of special or visual effects. Graduate of UCC is a professional that exuisitely masters his or her craft, modern technology and self-promotion.

The University of Creative Communication builds on tradition. In the field of visual and advertising arts, we build on the heritage of the school, Michael, founded in 1994 by writer and advertising creator Zdeněk Štěpánek. In the discipline of Literary Arts we benefit from the experience of teachers of the former Josef Škvorecký Literary Academy – we are currently the only college in the Czech Republic that provides continuous education in the field of creative writing.

We are ready to prepare you for success!


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