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Hello and welcome to UCC
(University of creative

Udělej první krok

UCC is a newly established university which helps you prepare for a successful career in all areas of creative industries

UCC offers two graduate programmes: Literary Communication and Visual Communication, the latter with several specialisations: Photography and Audio-visual Arts, 3D Animation and Visual Effects, Graphic and Media Design, On-line Marketing, Management in Creative Industries and Creative Marketing. No matter which programme you choose, you will be encouraged and expected to gain knowledge and develop your skills in the most hands-on learning environment available. Put those skills and knowledge straight into practice during your studies working with top Czech advertising agencies, graphic studios, publishing houses and media outlets!

About us

Though established only recently, UCC is a private university deeply rooted in tradition. In the area of visual studies and advertising, we are building on the legacy of the Michael School, founded in 1994 by the author and copywriter Zdeněk Štěpánek. In the area of literary communication and authorship, we are benefitting from the expertise of the instructors from the former Literary Academy of Josef Škvorecký – we are currently the only higher educationinstitution in the Czech Republic to offer a degree programme in creative writing.

What sets UCC apart from other Czech universities? When developing the study programmes, we took inspiration from the Scandinavian and British university models which stress learning to think creatively and critically while perfecting your craft, thus you will be expanding your portfolio of professional contacts and practical experience in order to be confident and competitive immediately upon graduation.

Under the supervision of our experienced instructors you will become highly sought-after copywriters, journalists, creative writers, PR publicists, graphic designers, photographs, film makers, animators and visual effects experts.

As a UCC graduate, you will not only be primed for work in the fast-paced world of creative industries, you will have mastered the use of modern technologies and the art of self-promotion.

At UCC, you can now study programmes designed to prepare you for career success!